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Jul 26 2022
FINAL UPDATE: Tony Dow, Wally Cleaver On LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, Confirmed Dead Comments (0)

Gr8erdays Tony Dow(Image via ABC/CBS)

FINAL UPDATE: Dow died of cancer on Wednesday, July 27, one day after the premature announcement.

UPDATE: Don't ask me how, but his own wife was mistaken that Dow as actually dead. As of mid-day, he was still breathing, albeit in hospice care. He is in his final hours, at any rate.

RIP Tony Dow, who has died at 77 after a battle with cancer. Was there ever a better big bro on TV? FULL OBIT.

Tumblr_6ab7ed46539042d23b3066a9976f3321_38e19a19_500What are big brothers for?! (GIF via GIPHY)