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Jul 05 2022
Texas AG Wants To Re-Ban Gay Sex + Crimo Got His Gun Legally + Dem State Senator Twerks For Votes + Bette vs. Trans-Inclusive Language + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Charles-schulz-boycultureSent to a kid who asked what it meant to be a good citizen, circa 1970. (Image via Joel Lipton)

ABOVE: Sigh. Agreed.

BELOW: Keep reading for Texas gearing up to ban gay sex (again), shooter's gun obtained legally, Bette joining the TERF bandwagon? and more ...

Lawrence-texas-sodomy-boycultureGay sex was illegal in many states until 2003. (Image via NYT)

XTRA: Texas AG Ken Paxton — who has been under indictment since 2015 for felony securities fraud, in a case that mysteriously never seems to come to court — is ready, willing and able to ban gay sex in Texas. Ban it outright.

Here he is again, telegraphing his intentions.

LAVENDER: Three men sentenced to death by stoning for being gay in Nigeria.

Dwayne-ratleff-gay-boycultureRatleff, author of the memoir-novel Dancing to the Lyrics (Image via video still)

WKSU: Dwayne Ratleff, an Ohio native, writes about growing up Black and gay in the '60s.

Robert-crimo-III-trump-boycultureMeet Ultra MAGA — Bobby Crimo (Image via social media)

CNN: Robert Crimo Jr. III obtained the gun he used to murder six and wound two dozen or more in Highland Park, Illinois, LEGALLY.

HUFF POST: Two cops were shot during a Philly fireworks display, leading to Godzilla-esque footage. Nobody was apprehended, and authorities aren't sure if the shots were intended for the cops or — I guess? — just merriment run amok.

TWITTER: A state senator from Rhode Island, the first Black LGBTQ person elected statewide, takes ... this ... approach to voter outreach:

WUSF: Florida's largest teachers' union takes issue with eroding separation of church and state and wedge between educators and students driven by politicians over gender ID and sexual orientation issues:

The concern, when you hear about “don't have gay-straight alliances in our schools, don't post pride posters in your classrooms.” It is breaking down the ability of teachers to have those important relationships with students that help them succeed in learning and in life.

POLITICO: Will the end of Roe push Gen Z to vote harder for Dems — or stop voting?

SOCIALITE LIFE: Ricky Martin is denying the claims that led to the issuing of a restraining order again him.

Bette-midler-boycultureInclusive language is not about eliminating the use of the word “women.” (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Bette Midler and Macy Gray have thrown their lot in with the anti-trans folks. I think people think they're being logical in stating that trans people will never be real. They are hung up on wording more than the trans people are. Why should it bother you that trans women are women and trans men are men? It's particularly weird when gay men harp on biology and the natural order of things when the same arguments have been — and continue to be — used against us.

Isn't this message inclusive:

Considering the deck is so stacked against trans people as it is, why are so many on the left eager to given the right the wedge issue it wants? The economy has everyone feeling mean?

TWITTER: It is a wedge issue, and it is coordinated. Elliot Page transitioned a long while ago, but suddenly all the righties on Twitter are deadnaming for kicks in order to get suspended and to gin up trans hate (and follows ... and to hasten our attention past the Trumper who executed six people in a Fourth of July parade).

Dave-rubin-jordan-peterson-trans-twitter-boycultureRubin, Peterson and Shapiro — what a grotesque trio. (Image via Twitter)

INSTAGRAM: Gotta love the late, great Katherine Helmond!