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Aug 01 2022
Fire Island Threat + UNCOUPLED Cockspiracy Theory + RIP Uhura & Ursula + Anti-Abortion Missourian Exposed As Adulteress + MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: And speaking of Fire Island, see below ...

BOYCULTURE GAY Jim Stryker on Fire Island 1What would Jim do? (Image by Champion for Big)

SIERRA CLUB: Will climate change destroy Fire Island?

EBAY: An urban-art bonanza — three Mr. Brainwash prints, all signed, for the price of ... well, three. But offers are considered.

GT: Will Ncuti Gatwa be the first gay Doctor Who? Neil Patrick Harris seems to think so.

BANANA GUIDE: BTW, that wasn't NPH's dick on Uncoupled.

BLOOMBERG: Singapore is looking at decriminalizing gay sex, no plans to address marriage.

HUFF POST: Great Black-voter outreach — Trump brands imperiled Brittney Griner “spoiled.”

IOWA STARTING LINE: A gay Democratic elementary school teacher won a hotly contested seat on a school board in Iowa, which would have been big news 35 years ago. But it's 2022, so this is a big deal again.

GR8ERDAYS: Three big deaths announced yesterday — Pat Carroll, the voice of Ursula and a TV veteran; Bill Russell, one of basketball's greatest and a civil rights voice; and Nichelle Nichols, whose Uhura changed hearts and minds, gave Black people and Black women in particular a potent role model.

POLITICO: After all the victory-lapping, the entire Biden-Manchin energy, inflation, health care bill is STILL not a YES for Sen. Sinema (D-Arizona) yet.

OMG.BLOG!: Care to guess which fairly big-time actor is about to come out in Vogue?

KENNETH IN THE (212): Songs that only hit #11.

TWITTER: This is delicious. Mary Elizabeth Coleman is probably Missouri's biggest threat to reproductive choice, and is a huge Christian mommy. Yet her Uber driver has credibly outed her as a dangerously insecure sleeparound who is NOTHING like her image. Such a good read I want to option it and make a movie: