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Aug 11 2022
Tommy Lee's BIG Instagram Surprise + Gay Man's Mom Is Town Book Burner + Anti-FBI Shooter In Cincy + Anne Heche Condition Grave + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Tommy-lee-naked-boycultureHe's not my type, but I looked. (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: Rocker Tommy Lee posted his cock on Instagram on Wednesday. How fast did they take it down? Um, it took forever. More if you keep reading ...

Weston-Brown-gay-boycultureWeston Brown is one example of why exposure to LGBTQ materials doesn't make kids gay — because exposure to strictly straight materials is never a guarantee they'll be straight. (Image via Instagram)

NBC NEWS: His homeschooling mom used to remove pages from science books and censor books with reference to the human anatomy when he was a kid. In 2018, when he came out as gay, she disowned him and disinvited him from the family's Thanksgiving dinner. He accepted all of that, but worried about how to have a meaningful relationship with his younger siblings. Now that his mother, activist Monica Brown, is demanding a preacher have the final say over which books exist in her town's local library, Weston Brown is speaking up.

HUFF POST: In the wake of the search warrant served at Mar-A-Lago, right-wingers have been foaming at the mouth for a civil war. Now, a probable Trumper has traded gunfire with the FBI in Cincinnati.

TWITTER: Beto O'Rourke went OFF on a motherfucker for laughing at the fact that kids were shot at Uvalde:

TMZ: Anne Heche was under the influence of cocaine and fentanyl at the time of her fiery crash, and it is sounding more and more like she is not expected to survive. I feel bad for her and for the poor lady who lost so much in the wreck.

PEOPLE: Former Miss America running as an Independent in deep-red North Dakota to protect women's rights.

OMG.BLOG!: Tommy Lee posted his whole cock on Instagram, and it stayed live for like half a day.

Tommy-lee-naked-boyculture copyHard rock or soft rock fan? (Image via Instagram)