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Aug 10 2022
Crocs With Nuts + Biden Approval Up + Trump Pleads The Fifth + Elon Squirms + Gay Couple Attacked, Slurred With MONKEYPOX + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)
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ABOVE: Learn the lingo, kid.

Exercise for men shirtless-boycultureBonus beef from the vaults! (Image via Exercise for Men Only)

BELOW: Crocs with nuts, Biden on the upswing, Elon crying about Twitter, monkeypox is a new gay slur and more ...

OMG.BLOG!: These are Crocs ... with testicles.

REUTERS: Biden's approval climbs to 40%. He's the most legislatively impactful president in our lifetimes, but everyone knows Dems have to vastly outperform to get half the credit.

BBC: Elon Musk is trying hard to wiggle away from his Twitter deal, and in the process just dumped a bunch of Tesla stock. Terrible businessman and manager. Rich people get and stay rich because THEY WERE ALREADY RICH, not because they're smarter than us.

HUFF POST: Mary Trump says Donald Trump is in “a panic” over the DOJ's action against him. By the by, the reason Trump's in especially deep shit is he allegedly broke a law HE SIGNED INTO EXISTENCE in 2018.

INDEPENDENT: Trump finally sat for a deposition in NYC. After all the stalling ... he pleaded the Fifth throughout.

DAILYKOS: Pennsylvania Republican — and prominent election-denier — Scott Perry had his phone seized by the FBI.

NBC4: Gay couple in D.C. attacked, insulted with monkeypox slur.

NBC NEWS: Bernie-backed Becca Balint has won the Democratic nomination for a seat in Congress in Vermont, which means — since it's a heavily Dem district and state — she will likely become not only the first LGBTQ congressperson from Vermont, but the first woman to represent the state in Congress. Hard to believe this, but Vermont is the last state to have never had a woman in the House of Representatives.

BUZZFEED: I think Taylor Swift is lying if she claims never to have heard of 3LW. Sorry, she's lying.

Beggars-choosers-boycultureI have no recollection of this show. (Image via Showtime)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Tuc Watkins looks back on his Showtime series Beggars and Choosers (now streamin').

NORTHJERSEY: School's GSA gets $10K grant.

OUTSPORTS: Minor Leaguer Solomon Bates comes out as gay.

Solomon-bates-gay-boycultureWelcome to the clubhouse! (Image via head shot)