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Aug 12 2022
Salman Rushdie Stabbed Onstage + Chris Hemsworth Tub Thumpin' + Dylan O'Brien Thirst Tweets + Trump's HOAX Hoax + Anne Heche Expected To Die + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Chris-hemsworth-nude-tub-bath-elsa-pataky-boycultureHub-a-dub-dub (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: Chris Hemsworth's wife gave us that tub pic for his birthday.

BELOW: Keep reading for thirst tweets, Trump's hoax hoax and more ...

Dylan-o-brien-ass-boycultureI love that he had never heard of the word “bussy.” (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Dylan O'Brien reads thirst tweets.

NBC NEWS: Post-Don't Say Gay, online anti-LGBTQ hate surged 400%.

NPR: Decades after Iran issued a bounty for the murder of writer Salman Rushdie, he was stabbed onstage at a New York state event on Friday.

WAPO: Ben Ryan on why gay men should curb our sexual behaviors until monkeypox is under control.

EXTRATV: Anne Heche not expected to survive. I'll never forget her picture with Ellen as they spoke to sitting POTUS Bill Clinton. (Though I did forget that Clooney had a piece of that action.)

USA TODAY: Here comes the first out National Hot Rod Association driver.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Hillary was right about Russian asset Tulsi Gabbard.

Trump-snowden-boycultureThere really is a Trump tweet for everything. (Image via Twitter)

FORBES: Trump calls claims he had nuclear secrets at Mar-A-Lago a hoax. Or does he? Read his words — he never specifically denies that of which he is reportedly accused ... not in so many words:

Donald-trump-hoax-nuclear-boycultureWord salad, anyone! (Image via Truth Social)

TWITTER: Even John Bolton knows we are safer under Biden than we were under Trump:

RANDY REPORT: Sewer 911 in P-Town!

NYDN: A League of Their Own is “so gay.”

INSTAGRAM: Leslie Jordan talks about how he knows that Billy Bob Thornton is hung like a horse.