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Aug 16 2022
Out Player + Manspreading Workout + Mariah Wants To Own Christmas + BLACK, QUEER & HERE + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Also, most molesters are family members. Has a drag queen EVER molested a kid?!

BELOW: Out player, manspreading for dollars, Mariah Carey makes her move on Christmas and more ...

Gay-boyculture-baseball-player-Bryan-Ruby-How is his boyfriend? Lucky. (Image via selfie)

OUTSPORTS: Out ballplayer Bryan Ruby's teammates are inquisitive ... about his boyfriend.

DAILY BEAST: Three Black gay men were killed in a hit-and-run after Chicago gay-bar altercation, and cops think it was murder.


KENNETH IN THE (212): When manspreading is part of your workout.

GR8ERDAYS: Mariah Carey wants to OWN Queen of Christmas — and Darlene Love, for one, is not happy.

GOFUNDME: Venus D Lite, Madonna-inspired drag queen extraordinaire, needs help.

NATIVE SON: This weekend, in conjunction with NYC Black Pride, Native Son (the leading org that champions Black gay and queer men) presented the first annual Black, Queer and Here town hall at the Apollo. Founder Emil Wilbekin led a conversation with Nancy Santiago (U.S. Surgeon General's Office), Lee Soulja, Kalen Allen, Lina Bradford, Dr. Lena Green, Sam Jay, Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Greg Mathis Jr., Elliott Cooper, Tiq Milan, Chi Ossé, Dr. Nii-Quartelai Quartey and more. There was also a performance by Kevin Aviance and Cakes Da Killa, with music by the Illustrious Blacks.

Here, Soulja talks about NYC Black Pride.

Kevin AvianceKevin & Emil (Images via Native Son)

HUFF POST: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden has COVID-19.

SCRIBD: Jesus, could Val Demings unseat Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida)?!

METRO WEEKLY: A Florida county is objecting to over 100 books being available in a school district, everything from Jazz Jennings's memoir to Toni Morrison's Beloved.

Darius-danesh-boycultureDanesh (L) in his pop days (Image via Smash Hits)

GUARDIAN: British pop singer Darius Danesh found dead at 41 in U.S. apartment. No cause known yet.

THE RANDY REPORT: Woman or not, if you slap someone, you're getting slapped back. Ladies, I'm gay — I don't give a fuck about gentlemanliness. If you smack me, you will get smacked. It's easy.

YOUTUBE: If Beyoncé wants to hit #1 with “Break My Soul” in the U.K., here's her blueprint! Salman Rushdie sounding fresh in this list. By the way, the only name to also make “Vogue”? Fred Astaire. What other Americans remembers rocking out to this in the club with no idea who most of the people were?!