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Aug 18 2022
Happy Birthday Suit, Ed Norton! Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man:

Fight Club alumnus Ed Norton celebrates 53 years today. Norton’s filmography reads like an awards-show primer: He has been in one critically acclaimed movie after another, often tackling subjects and characters other A-list actors wouldn’t. Whether he’s playing the cute boy-next-door type or turning on his bad-boy charm in films like Fight Club, he always finds a way to show off his perfect physique.

In Fight Club, he looks tight, toned and sexy, even when he is getting punched in the face. Fight Club is one of the gayest “non-gay” movies ever … let's look at the basics: these are hot men who are getting physical with each other in a clandestine bar. They are meeting in private to unleash who they really are inside, often physically. Oh, and you can't talk about it. Hmmmm! Sounds sort of familiar? 

He has played every type of character we can think of, he’s always remained bangable. Maybe it’s his confidence, or perhaps his lack of caring, that makes his on-screen nude scenes top-notch. Either way, Edward Norton’s body of work is one we can easily watch a second (or third) time.