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Aug 03 2022
Naked Neil Patrick Harris + Big Win For Abortion In Kansas + Trumpers Win Primaries ... Will They Lose In The General? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: That '80s hair!

BELOW: Keep reading for naked Neil Patrick Harris, measuring the risks of monkeypox, a big election night and more ...

Neil Patrick Harris in Uncoupled shirtlessBougie Howser finally shows skin. (Image via Mr. Man)

MR. MAN: Whatever you think of Uncoupled, it's got LOTS of sex and nudity. Plus, NPH hooks up with a dude who has a huge penis. Like a really huge penis.

THE GUARDIAN: “Is Sex Worth the Risk?” Of getting excruciating, potentially disfiguring, temporarily life-stopping monkeypox? No, it's not. Unless you're having way better sex than I was.

AXIOS: Some in the Senate are tweaking a gay marriage bill in order to secure 10 Republican votes to help codify it.

MEN'S HEALTH: Back when The Rock played gay.

INSTAGRAM: Lee Pace in borrowed duds for Mr. Porter.

NYT: Kansas voted to keep abortion protections in its state constitution. KANSAS. Seems conventional wisdom about the impending midterms might be rocked by a deep resentment over the end of Roe.

HUFF POST: Diabolical venture capitalist Blake Masters will square off against Sen. Mark Kelly (D) in the Arizona Senate race. It's a toss-up, but it sucks that Masters is obscenely rich and is backed by obscenely rich gay right-winger Peter Thiel. Across Arizona, the most extreme right-wingers prevailed in various Republican primaries, but this would seem to make it more, not less, possible that Democrats could be victorious in November. The general election is going to be tougher going for candidates babbling about stolen elections and baby-killing.

For example, lying skank Kari Lake won her Republican primary for Arizona governor (BARELY, after being ahead in the polls), but this sets her up to lose badly to Katie Hobbs, who is a Dem with support from left, center and right. Interestingly, Kari has screamed about voter fraud for weeks, yet will only win thanks to — guess what — counting every vote and ballot dumps overnight. Maybe she will finally understand the science of ... counting?!

Oh, well — more Barbra Seville ads!

DAILY BEAST: Trumper Tudor Dixon will fave Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) in Michigan — and lose.

DAILY KOS: Ignoramus Hershel Walker (R) has finally agreed to debate Sen. Rev. Raphael Warnock (D) on October 14. This is going to go poorly for Hershel.

WAPO: Dems and some Republicans are working to improve the Electoral Count Act ahead of 2024, but ... do proposed changes do enough?

JOE.MY.GOD.: Alex Jones is openly calling the judge in his case “demonically possessed.” Meanwhile, his lawyers accidentally gave the opposing side's lawyers all of his texts and emails. Oops.

YOUTUBE: Michael Henry takes on uncut vs. cut.