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Aug 29 2022
Peppermint & Monét Blank On Dylan O'Brien + Getting The Thrust Of Ross Lynch + Muscle Beach Panic + Underwear GIF That'll Turn You Gay + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Bradley-cooper-irina-shayk-shirtless-bahamas-boycultureSome pig (Image via Instagram

ABOVE: Girls' trip.

BELOW: Keep reading for what I promise you is one of my best round-ups in eons...

TWITTER: I question a couple of these, but pretty spectacular!

TWITTER: Peppermint and Monét had no clue who Dylan O'Brien was at the MTV VMAs ... but they tried.

TWITTER: I'm proud to have worked with Ross Lynch and to have reconnected briefly when he was all grown up and killing it (allow me) in My Friend Dahmer. But seeing him sausage it up onstage — including with a Pride flag — well, there is no greater joy in this world.

LGBTQ NATION: I'm not as proud to have interviewed and known Dave Rubin, a gay right-winger who thinks Republicans are doing a great job of being less anti-gay, and is cool with Evangelicals trying to pray away his gay. He and his husband have no decency.

NYT: Swift Boat-ing asshole dies at 69. Buh-byes.

YOUTUBE: Ezra, a new gay horror series, is coming to OUTtv October 1:

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: Rachel Richardson, a Duke volleyball player, was straight-up called the N-word during a match against BYU, and nobody did shit to stop it. Later, BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe (really unfortunate name to have while discussing slurs) offered some pretty weak-tea words about the racist insults endured by Richardson:

KENNETH IN THE (212): Big, hairy dude in a Speedo flashing several points of interest.

The-disco-village-nora-burns-boycultureThis certainly captures the era! (Art by Jud Baldwin for Dixon Place)

DIXON PLACE: Nora Burns's The Village: A Disco Musical is coming to NYC's Dixon Place.

BACK2STONEWALL: Violent straight pride event.

1952 Santa Monica Muscle BeachI want muscles ... but some people found them a li'l gay. (Image via vintage slide)

JSTOR: “Gay Panic on Muscle Beach.”

INSTAGRAM: John Allen Nelson turned 63. Sorry that I'm ... behind:

Ezgif-1-dade2235e7Hunk (GIF via GIPHY)