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Sep 01 2022
He Was 19, He Was 56 + AIDS Art Resurrection + Sarah Palin LOSES + Peppermint Rises + Amazing New TITANIC Footage + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Took Variety long enough!

BELOW: Keep reading for an age-gap for the ages, Titanic 8K peek, Sarah Palin LOSES and more ...

Janne-puhakka-boycultureThey were 19 and 56 when they met. (Image via Janne Puhakka)

NYP: Again, age-gap relationships can work!

NYT: “Resurrecting the Forgotten Art of the AIDS Era.”

SOCIALITE LIFE: Peppermint opens up about the MTV VMAs, her new music and more.

Boyculture IMG_7913 PeppermintTasty Peppermint (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

GAY TIMES: Meet YSL Beauty's latest brand ambassador.

YOUTUBE: The first 8K footage of the Titanic wreck is here:

FORBES: Sarah Palin LOST the special Alaska House race to a Democrat. Mary Peltola will become the first-ever Alaska native elected to Congress. These two and another Republican will be on the ballot again in just over 60 days.

POLITICO: Younger voters are more enthusiastic about voting in November thanks to the loss of Roe v. Wade.

Monica-crowley-boycultureThe dedication to a failed fascist is ... something. (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: I refuse to believe Republicans know mise en scene but don't recognize a crime-scene photo.

DECIDER: Drip. Drip. Drip.

TWITTER: This is disturbing. Stacey Dash JUST NOW heard DMX died, over a year later. Also odd — she's now a white woman.

TWITTER: Stacey Abrams annihilates this answer. She's vastly superior to Kemp. Jesus-God, I hope she has coattails and helps Warnock:

TWITTER: Soleil Moon Frye has made meningitis vaccination a focus of her life.