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Aug 26 2022
PET SEMATARY's Mary Lambert On Her '80s Classic + Trump Duped By Fake Rothschild + Britney's Feeble Comeback Is A Strong iTunes Hit + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Start spreadin' the news ...

BELOW: Keep reading for my Mary Lambert tale, Trump duped by an impostor (at Mar-A-Lago, where he keeps stolen top-secret documents) and more ...

Dale-midkiff-shirtless-pet-sematary-gr8erdaysDale Midkiff in Mary Lambert's Pet Sematary (Image via video still)

GR8ERDAYS: Check out my evening with director Mary Lambert!

POST-GAZETTE: An in-depth look at how a woman posing as a Rothschild effortlessly wormed her way into Trump's orbit, ending up grinning for a pic with Trump and Lindsey Graham at Mar-A-Lago. You're telling me the documents he stole were secure?!

TWITTER: The official White House Twitter has entered the chat:

EXTRA: Elton John's, um, duet with Britney Spears is like “Candle in the Wind” — except she's alive. Cynical, and an earkiller.

Heartstopper-netflix-boycultureSo gay. (Image via Netflix)

RADIO TIMES: Showrunner addresses why Nick's journey in Heartstopper had to change for TV.

TV LINE: This is just ... ridiculous. Scott Patterson, 19 years later, is whining that his character was objectified on Gilmore Girls, upset about a comic scene in which his character complains about two characters talking about his butt, a scene that seems consciously to be about role-reversal, with women doing the talking.

Luke-patterson-boycultureBruh. (Image via video still)