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Aug 17 2022
Ryan Gosling Is Back — And Sexier Than Ever Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man: Ryan Gosling is all anyone can talk about thanks to his starring role in the big budget Netflix movie The Gray Man. Gosling is shredded and looking as cute as ever in The Gray Man, but what about his other sexy, shirtless, and yes, even nude appearance? We’ve got them all right here ...

Gosling secured his heartthrob status in The Notebook, where he gave Rachel McAdams plenty to write about. Dear diary, why do I feel tingly when Ryan Gosling takes off his shirt?

A lot of people forget that in The Notebook Ryan Gosling stands fully nude alongside a bunch of dudes with just his hands covering his crotch!

He gave funnyman Steve Carell a faceful of Ryan in a hilarious locker room scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

And of course, Ryan Gosling’s only nude scene to date can be found in Blue Valentine. Gosling steps into the shower with Michelle Williams, giving us a look at his incredible smooth ass!