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Sep 12 2022
NBA Star Anthony Edward Knocks Queer-Ass N****** On Twitter, Promptly Apologizes Comments (0)

Anthony-edwards-queer-ass-n-man-video-boyculture-gay-apology(Image via video still)

Welp, on the plus side, this is the first pejorative use of queer I've heard in 25 years, since we re-claimed it.

NBA player Anthony Edwards, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, posted a video he apparently shot of a group of shirtless, seemingly gay men, with his voice-over:

Look at these queer-ass n******, man. Look what the world done came to.

A woman giggles as he speaks.

He's only 21, which some are using as a defense — including Edwards, who apologized with:

Anthony-edwards-gay-queer-apology(Image via Twitter)

Immaturity = I was young.

I am glad he apologized, though cynically, it would seem obvious he did so to save his career. It's a touchy subject — stating an offensive belief, then apologizing: Do we accept? Disbelieve? It's always better when they do apologize, but is it real?

I liked this exchange on Twitter: One person blew off the apology, another snarked that the commenter must prefer to be hated rather than to receive the sorry. The third response:

He probably prefers not to be hated at all.