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Sep 22 2022
BRO-ing To The Movies + IRISH FARMER CALENDAR + Hamm On His Meat + Ginni To Chat With 1/6 Committee + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Marketing.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot calendar, Ginni in the hot seat, Jon Hamm's hot pocket and more ...

Boyculture-gay-irish-farmer-calendar12Hot llama! (Image via 2023 Irish Farmer Calendar)

OMG.BLOG!: You'll be counting the gays until you get your Irish Farmer Calendar!

NBC NEWS: It's gay-on-gay political throw-down — whomever wins this New York state congressional seat, the district will be repped by a gay man. (Imagine having faith in a gay Republican?)

BBC: Gay footballer blown away by ... support!

METRO WEEKLY: So-called Christian pastor raps about why he loooves using anti-gay slurs.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Jon Hamm talks about those photos that purport to show his giant, unrestrained meat flopping about.

HUFF POST: Ginni Thomas, wife of SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, has agreed to a January 6 Committee chat.

CNN STYLE: Brad Pitt launches genderless skincare line.

KENNETH IN THE (212): When the boys are just too pretty not to be impressed.

TWITTER: I sure hope Stacey Abrams can win. She is just so good:

Daniel-durant-gay-dwts-boyculturePOLITICO: Trump's in-the-tank judge Aileen Cannon erred, and has been put in her place by an appeals panel.

WASHINGTON BLADE: Gay Catholic official gets prison time — a lot of it — for stealing over $2M in pandemic aid.

GLAAD: Daniel Durant credits his gay moms for his Dancing with the Stars success.