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Sep 24 2022
GOSSIP Boy + RIP Louise Fletcher + Tutu's Daughter Ostracized For Being Gay + Gaetz To Get Away With It? + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: She gave one of the all-time great movie performances. Full obit for this wonderful performer.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gossip boy, someone patched through the White House switchboard implicated in January 6, Gaetz-ing away with it and more ...

Thomas Doherty BulgeThomas's john thomas is at the link. (GIF via Mr. Man)

MR. MAN: Thomas Doherty is upping the booty/ante on the Gossip Girl reboot. Pssst: If you sign up for Mr. Man, Boy Culture gets a little bump. But I think Thomas's gay scenes are worth it.

NBC NEWS: We're going backwards — latest proof is that Archbishop Desmond Tutu's own daughter was barred by the Church of England from officiating at his funeral, all because she's married to a woman.

HUFF POST: The fucking White House switchboard was in touch with a rioter on January 6, 2021. This story continues to expand, even as we continue to wonder if it ends with anyone other than low-level rubes in trouble.

WAPO: Supposedly, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) won't be charged for paid sex with an underage girl. After over a year of being investigated, and tied to a guy who is going down, Gaetz may have escaped justice because (reportedly) witnesses against him are considered shaky. This is such a travesty. If Republicans take the House, he will have a huge amount of power.

VARIETY: Queer as Folk axed at Peacock — after only a single season.

EXTRATV: Tokischa is getting raked over the coals (no more so than Madonna) for their terrible or delightfully low-fi music video “Hung Up on Tokischa,” your call, but I have to say she comes across really well in this radio interview. Tokischa sounds grounded, and does a great job of fending off a male interrogator's push for her to get more salacious. I can see why Madonna likes her. And licks her. (But it would seem the only licking is of the French-kiss variety — bisexual Tokischa and trysexual Madonna are just affectionate pals.)