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Sep 21 2022
Meteorologist Erick Adame Files Suit Over Cam Photos Sent To Work, Mom Comments (0)

Erick-adame-cam-boycultureI feel for NY1 meteorologist Erick Adame, who was outed for performing sex acts on a cam site and fired from his job over the indiscretion.

First, I think Adame did something quite admirable, which is rather than leading with how he was victimized, he led with how he knew he was doing something stupid.

I do not think what he did was wrong — I don't judge him — but who can't relate to the idea of doing something self-destructive in spite of knowing better? I found that part of his Instagram post moving:

Sexual compulsion is on the rise everywhere — not least of all in the gay community. Kudos to Erick for writing about this.

That important topic aside, I am so hopeful he will be able to expose and hold legally liable the inexcusably evil douche who deliberately sent images of him to his employer — and his mom. Like ... why?

Will it be a homophobe? A co-worker? Or a nasty-spirited fellow gay man? Whomever it is, I hope they fucking pay.