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Sep 08 2022
Zac Efron On Plastic Surgery Talk + GREASY GRIFTER Steve Bannon Turns Himself In + Paralyzed Hockey Icon Jack Jablonski: I'M GAY + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Do you remember handsome Christopher Connelly?

BELOW: Why Zac Efron didn't look like Zac Efron for a bit, remembering the Queen, Steve Bannon gives himself up and more  ...

BoycultureZac-Efron-Mens-Health-Magazine-October-2022-Issue-Fitness-Health-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-2He looks like Chris Pine here. (Image by Ture Lillegraven for Men's Health)

OMG.BLOG!: Zac Efron says his face looked strange a year ago not from surgery, but from breaking his jaw in 2013 and then taking a break from physical therapy, which caused his masseter muscles to expand.

Jack-jablonski-gay-boycultureJablonski in July (Image via Twitter)

THE ATHLETIC: Minnesota hocky icon Jack Jablonski, who has been in a wheelchair since an on-the-ice accident over 10 years ago, has come out as gay:

I feel like for the first time in my life, I’m happy and excited about the future. I’m finally being true to myself, having finally come to grips with who I am. It feels great to be able to be myself and not have to worry about hiding in the shadows.

Kingdom-of-sand-andrew-holleran-boycultureDancer from the Dance remains a fave of mine. (Image via Penguin)

NY REVIEW OF BOOKS: A review of Kingdom of Sand by Andrew Holleran.

EXTRATV: Queen Elizabeth II, a life in pictures.

TWITTER: “Greasy grifter!” is the new “yassss, Gaga!” — Steve Bannon has turned himself in in NYC on money laundering and conspiracy charges.

CNN: There is something poignant about CNN's chief anchor for 20 years, Bernard Shaw, dying the same week CNN did.

RANDY REPORT: So many of you were SO READY to assume Ricky Martin was really fucking his nephew.

BUSINESS INSIDER: Patreon has become less and less welcoming toward sex workers. As one top earner notes:

A lot of platforms like to build their platform on the backbone of sex work and then they hit like a peak, they're like, “No, we're done now.”

In fact, she says:

If your face looks too turned on, it's against [Patreon's] TOS.

POLITICO: Sigh. There is a far-right MAKE SWEDEN GREAT AGAIN movement brewing in Sweden. (Was it ever?)

Bjork-boycultureBjork björking around (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: I ... just don't get Björk.

TWITTER: I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but Cheryl Ladd, 71, better fucking win:

On second thought ... maybe I better root for the show's first-ever drag queen, the incomparable Shangela!

Shangela-boycultureYes, queen.  Yes. (Image via ABC)

TWITTER: Madonna would be lynched — Grace Jones, in see-through attire, launched a new scented candle with ... Boy Smells: