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Sep 06 2022
Sylvester Remembered + Sidney Powell Implicated In Hack + Republican Booted From Office For Insurrection + Kim Kardashian In A Jockstrap + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: All hail the unfairly maligned Bond.

BELOW: Keep reading for a remembrance of Sylvester, Dr. Oz's latest low blow, when Elvis's pelvis erupted ...

Gay aids boyculture Sylvester obitSylvester struggled, found stardom — and only had about 10 years to enjoy it. (Image via vintage scan)

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED): Sylvester would be turning 75 today.

CNN (UGH): New footage shows one of Trump's fake electors escorting two operatives into a Georgia voting center right when it was breached. These people are screaming that elections are rigged because they're actively trying to rig them. This is very, very bad news for Sidney Powell.

CITIZENS FOR ETHICS: For the first time since 1869, a judge has ordered an office-holder removed for insurrection.

INSTAGRAM: After attacking John Fetterman for having the gall to survive a stroke, Dr. Mehmet Oz is now paying people to dress up like felons, and pretend they're Fetterman supporters. (One of them, the grizzled, short dude, is the one Q Anon rubes think is secretly the gorgeous JFK Jr., who they believe never died.)

INTERVIEW: Kim Kardashian just ruined jockstraps for you. Also, she bemoans the loss of Roe v. Wade, but honey, you sucked up to and gave credence to Trump — figure this shit out. Most galling is when she says climate change is real, but ... oh, well, do whatever is right in YOUR life.

NYT: Of Lea Michele and second chances.

KENNETH IN THE (212): I grew up in Michigan, so of course I know about Boblo Island. I think I must've gone once, as I have a vintage bumper sticker. But the link provides far more details than I ever could. I was much, MUCH more into King's Island and Cedar Point, both in Ohio.

LADBIBLE: Elvis reportedly came in his leather pants while filming that TV special.

UnnamedREUTERS: Trump's Truth Social fails to get crucial financial backing.

STREAM HERE: Check out Rio Romeo's Inarticulation.

TMZ: Sanjaya of American Idol infamy will devote some time to helping LGBTQ youth now that he is openly bi.

ITV: Britain's new conservative PM, Liz Truss, was once an anti-monarchist. Today, she visited the Queen in Scotland to be anointed. It's okay to change your mind, but this is a pretty deep topic on which to flip-flop. (And the wrong way.)