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Sep 04 2022
When Ratios Are Funny + KiwiFarms Dumped + Milli Vanilli Biopic Coming + Bed Bath Beyond CFO Dies In Fall Or Leap + MORE Comments (0)

Bethany-s-mandel-winslow-dumaine-boyculture(Images via Twitter)

ABOVE: Liberals are always funnier. Always.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump's latest Secret Service-visit-worthy remarks, KiwiFarms dump, helloooooo Julie Benko and more ...

HUFF POST: Trump calls Biden enemy of the state, casually alleges that Fetterman is a drug user. He also asserted that Mark Zuckerberg joined him ... at the White House ... for dinner last week. (P.S. Fuck Mark Zuckerberg for taking any meeting with Trump in 2022.)

CLOUDFLARE: Cloudflare has dropped right-wing agitators KiwiFarms, hobbling the outfit — but only momentarily. Here is why.

BOING-BOING: We've run out of subjects, so a Milli Vanilli biopic is coming.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Julie Benko has been kicking ass in Funny Girl, and earns a CBS Mornings profile ahead of Lea Michele taking over.

BUSINESS INSIDER: A man who fell to his death in NYC has been IDed as Bed Bath & Beyond's CFO — and this came amid bleak reports of the company's health.

SF CHRONICLE: A softball war for the ages.