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Oct 07 2022
Judy Tenuta, Accordion-Playing LOVE GODDESS Who Loved The Gays, Dies @ 72 Comments (0)

Judy Tenuta DSC04733Judy in 2013 (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

I really liked Judy Tenuta — who didn't? — because she was one of those people who always felt like one of us.

Because of that, I jumped at the chance when NYC promoter Chip Duckett invited me to see her up the street what feels like about four years ago and which was nine.

The Petite Flower, the Loooove Goddess, with that high voice, was completely whacky, sort of a female “Weird” Al Yankovic (a frequent collaborator), but still an original.

Here she is singing “I Like Boys”:

Judy was always against conformity and from her earliest days was pro-queer. In fact, she became an ordained minister in order to be able to perform same-sex weddings, but, like, way back, before Bette Midler was even saying she was in favor of gay marriage.

When I met her briefly after her 2013 show, she was radiant and warm. It's just such a surprise to read that she has died.