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Oct 18 2022
Louganis On Child-Advocacy Work + Trump Mines Anti-Semitism + Gay Afghan Murdered By Taliban + Grassley In Peril? + Lying Liar J.D. Vance Called Out + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A complicated, misunderstood beauty.

BELOW: Keep reading for Greg Louganis, a gay Chicago alderman says goodbye, Trump digs deeper into anti-Semitism and more ...

Backflip-dive-greg-louganisSimply the best (GIF via GIPHY)

LOS ANGELES BLADE: A new interview with gay icon Greg Louganis that centers on his child-advocacy work.

Gay-tunney-chicago-boycultureTunney (R) has dedicated his life to public service. (Image via video still)

YAHOO! NEWS: Chicago's first-ever out gay alderman, Tom Tunney, reflects 20 years of service as he prepares to step down. Had no clue he was the owner of Ann Sather, these very popular restaurants in Chicagoland.

GUARDIAN: HAMED-SABOURI-gay-afghan-boycultureGay Afghan student murdered by the Taliban. He was abducted, tortured and killed. His murder was filmed, and the video was sent to his family.

BARRON'S: Jesus — as if it weren't already a terrible place to be gay, Russia is prepping to go even further right on LGBTQ issues.

HUFF POST: Kanye West isn't just controversial, he is unapologetically anti-Semitic, and also spews anti-Black tropes. He's deranged.

DAILY BEAST: Trump drawing his preferred judge — the compromised Aileen Cannon — in his DOJ case was a series of hard-to-believe coincidences?

PBS: Trump explicitly threatened American Jews, warning them to get in line.

VANITY FAIR: The New York Times helped to hand the 2016 election to Trump by doggedly misreporting on Hillary Clinton's emails — a new, thorough, report on the paper of record's bungling of history.

BIPARTISAN REPORT: As polling suggests Dems are again on the ropes after Roe gave us a bump in the summer, it's nice to see Sen. Grassley (R-Iowa) suffering a poll plummet.

TWITTER: Tim Ryan was spectacular in his latest debate against J.D. Vance (who could easily win). One element of the debate: Ryan brought up Vance claiming that Alex Jones is a credible source of information, which Vance absolutely (1) said and (2) denied saying:

TWITTER: This ad is exactly correct. This is not hyperbole. This is what the right wants when it comes to abortion rights:

SOCIALITE LIFE: Brad Pitt's ass in Thelma & Louise was so perfect it had to be made up!

Brad-pitt-shirtless-boycultureWant a blowjob? (Image via MGM)