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Oct 16 2022
Matador Meggings, A Leg Day Godsend Comments (0)

Matador-meggings-gay-boyculture(Images via Matador Meggings)

If you're looking for workout leggings, I can recommend Matador Meggings — the men's athleisure brand that (1) is gay-owned, and (2) that is contoured to fit the male anatomy. To a T. Or a D.

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 8.41.20 PMThat's because there's a modesty pad to avoid showing a little too much on leg day.

I wore a pair (I usually wear L in stuff like this, but XL did the trick) and found them comfortable — plus, they have a handy loop in the back and GASP pockets.

I like all my workout gear in black, but Matador comes in an array of wild colors and patterns if you are a bit of a peacock.

Another plus is the brand is the brainchild of Valentine Aseyo, a gay man. He says:

Knowing what I know now, I would’ve focused on one single category (meggings) in the beginning and launched a website only for that. This would have allowed me to be much more agile, efficient, and fast. Over time, I can always keep adding tops, joggers, etc. Don’t try to be everything to everyone; find your niche! You don’t have to serve all men or all women. Narrow down your audience as much as you can and give them a single product that they will love. You will scale over time, but first, focus on your core product.

Also, he looks better in them than I do:

Anyway, I've had these for a couple of months and I recommend them without a paid endorsement.

Check them out here. First-time orders get 11% off with code BOYCULTURE.