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Oct 06 2022
The HIGH HEAT Is On Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man:

High Heat is Netflix’s sleeper hit Mexican firehouse telenovela — a TV category that we didn’t realize we desperately needed. Forget Netflix and chill — Netflix has no chill when it comes to the gratuitous firefighter content we get here!

Iván Amozurrutia stars as a fireman who infiltrates a fire station in hopes of discovering what happened to his brother, who died under a shroud of secrecy while researching some shady business going on there. Escandalo!

In typical telenovela fashion there are a plethora of episodes to choose from — 39 in the first season alone. Where do we even start? The boys all get naked for a bunch of group shower scenes scattered throughout season one.

We learn how these boys maintain their incredible physiques with a homoerotic workout scene.

Iván Amozurrutia has a perfect high and tight, smooth ass, and he shows it off while having sex and while stripping on stage. These are stripping firefighters mamaw!

In fact only one thing can compete with the many stripping firefighter scenes in High Heat.

And that’s this instantly iconic photo shoot, that we’ll go ahead and leave you with. It wouldn’t be a fire station without some hoses! See ALL the hotness and extra scenes right here!