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Nov 23 2022
Art Of The Naked Man + Club Q Shooter's Cynical Ploy + Walmart Mass Shooting: The Manager Did It + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Grease-y kid stuff.

BELOW: Keep reading for a natural man, Trump's tax loss, Musk's fascist takeover continues to depress and more ...

Antonio-da-silva-model-male-nudity-shirtless-gayYou so wood. (Video stills/Antonio Da Silva)

ACCIDENTAL BEAR: Water Mirror is an erotic audiovisual poem by Antonio Da Silva, and the guy is throwing more wood than a log cabin.

DAILY BEAST: Anderson Lee Aldrich, the Colorado shooting suspect, was a violent homophobe obsessed with guns. So says a former neighbor, Xavier Kraus, who went on to report:

There would be times where he and his mom would get into fights, arguments, because he would be saying hateful things about whoever he was angry with. He said things sometimes that probably should have been alarming to me. He used the term “f*ggot” a lot. Most of the time it came from a place of anger.

AXIOS: It's unfortunate that Rich Fierro didn't finish the job and end Aldrich at the club when he had a chance. Now that he is out of a hospital and about to be punished for murdering five and attempting to murder 25 in Club Q, Aldrich is trolling the world by pretending to be non-binary. It's a revolting way to make his hate-crime charges go away, and there is zero evidence — and there WILL BE zero evidence — that he has ever before IDed in this way. The right is guffawing over the expert troll — because to them, any day queer people and allies are blown away is a good day.

TWITTER: Yet another mass shooting: A Walmart night manager (reportedly) snapped and shot up his store, Sam's Circle Walmart, in Chesapeake, Virginia. The shooter is dead. (Wish Aldrich were dead.)

Coincidentally, this monster is Virginia's sitting lieutenant governor:

Winsome-sears-virginia-boycultureI bet Virginians have voters' remorse. (Image via Winsoe Sears for Lt. Gov.)

RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH: Virginia's far-right whack-a-doo Gov. Glenn Youngkin blows off the Virginia shooting as an example of our mental health crisis. (NEVER about guns.)

GOTHAMIST: The douche who threw bricks through the window of gay bar VERS in Manhattan has been arrested. He's gay, so it's not a hate crime. Sean Kuilan is just an A-hole with an ax to grind.

Physique-pictorial-gay-boycultureI do all the original Q&As for this! (Image via Kickstarter)

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POLITICO: Supremes allow Trump's taxes to go to Congress.

FACEBOOK: Facebook has cruelly locked me out — and it's going to be impossible for me to get back on UNLESS a human being at Facebook helps. But in the meantime, I keep getting all these notices about what I'm missing. Jesus?!

Facebook-boyculture-rettenmundYes, yes, I know a lot has been missed! (Image via Facebook)

VARIETY: Everything Everywhere All at Once heads up the Film Independent Spirit Award nominations for 2023.

Boyculture-1118full-jacqueline-whiteShe reminds me of Virginia Mayo. (Image via still)

INSTAGRAM: Depending on whether you believe Wikipedia or IMDb, one of the last leading ladies (never a big star) of the 1940s — Jacqueline White — turns 100 today (or this weekend). Her final film came out 70 years ago, and she made her debut 80 years ago.

PAPER: Madonna is re-releasing her Sex book (in an extremely limited edition of 800) in conjunction with a surprise exhibition at Art Basel in Miami. I always think of that time in 2008 when a Marilyn Monroe expert authenticated a poster of Madonna hitchhiking in the nude as a long-lost Monroe photo.

Madonna-sex-meisel-boycultureWhat felt like a nadir at the time now feels like a heyday. (Image via Paper)