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Nov 25 2022
Welcome To Nudity + Kanye/Trump/Milo/Fuentes Hate Fest In (Of Course) Florida + Gay Serial Killer + Naked Calendars + MORE! — 12-pack Comments (0)

ABOVE: So far, Facebook's answer to losing 2-factor authentication is ... bye. And now Musk is openly welcoming white supremacy to Twitter. So follow my various Instagram accounts (here, here, here — depending on your tastes). It's my least useful social media presence for me, but might be the last man standing.

BELOW: Keep reading for Chippendales nudity, Kanye & Trump & Fuentes, calendars showing skin and more ...

Michael-graceffa-nude-chippendales-boyculture-buttsTake! It! Off! (Image via Hulu)

OMG.BLOG!: Michael Graceffa flashes his enviable ass in Welcome to Chippendales.

ADVOCATE: More than two dozen gay men may have fallen victim to Indiana serial killer Herb Baumeister.

DAILY BEAST: Russian author Mikhail Zygar married his actor partner Jean-Michel Shcherbak in Lison, and in sharing images from their wedding was surprised by an avalanche of warm well-wishes from ordinary Russians.

Ramon-novarro-boycultureIf only his life and death had been this idyllic. (Image via eBay/George Hurrell)

EBAY: Ramón Novarro by George Hurrell. Classic image of a gay superstar.

AP: I wasn't aware Colorado Springs's rep as a haven for the religious right was a past phenomenon. I'm old.

DAILY MAIL: Drew Stitt, 20, the son of Oklahoma's Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt, used his father's position to get off scot-free when he was caught intoxicated with a trunk full of guns.

DAILY BEAST: A crazy double-life story about Mark Handel, a powerful, politically connected developer in California who moonlighted as Khan Tusion, a relentlessly misogynistic, sadistic porn director — and got away with it for years and years. He was arrested in an underage prostitution sting, but got a conviction overturned (Gaetz, cough) and is only now being widely exposed due to yet another legal issue.

INSIDER: I'm already sick to death of Trump and Kanye — and we seem stuck with them until they pass away. (Trump just requested death!) Now, Kanye visited Trump at Mar-A-Lago to ask him to be West's running mate (HA), got rebuked, was told his ex-wife is a whore (or worse, he wouldn't even repeat what Trump said) ... and did so in the company of white supremacist Nick Fuentes and ex-gay Milo Yiannopoulos (who in the past spoke favorably about child sexual abuse and now believes that gay people deserve to be murdered). I hate this world.

INSTAGRAM: Naked Chris Salvatore calendar:

TWITTER: Almost-naked Steve Grand calendar:

EXTRATV: Jake Gyllenhaal, funcle.

MASHABLE: Luca Guadagnino's Bones and All is Call Me by Your Flesh, IMO. Jason Adams breaks down its Oscar chances.

Bones-all-chalamet-russell-movies-boycultureDem Bones — Timothée Chalamet & Taylor Russell (Image via MGM)