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Nov 23 2022
Twitter Directly Supports Violent Anti-Queer Rhetoric: Where Does It End? Comments (0)

Twitter-musk-violence-hatred-club-q-gay-boyculture(Images via Twitter)

Twitter is a hellscape now, filled with more and more far-right reactionaries who feel emboldened by its far-right owner — self-professed moderate Elon Musk — to write whatever they want, to harass whomever they like.

I think the point was hammered home with this exchange. I noticed this popular liberal account had reported a blatantly violent tweet only to be told it was fine. I almost couldn't believe it, so I reported it myself.

Even though Twitter forbids celebrating violence, a tweet celebrating the mass murder at Club Q was deemed okey-dokey.

I don't know where this ends, but I would love for Apple to put Musk out of business.