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Dec 21 2022
S Club Ate! + Trans Activist Dies By Suicide + Trump's Tax Returns: Paid $0 In 2020 + Zelenskyy Honors Biden In White House + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: It is, after all, the reason for the season.

BELOW: Keep reading for an all-growed-up hottie, Zelenskyy in the White House, a trans activist's suicide and more ...

Aaron-renfree-nude-boycultureGood enough to 8! (Images via Instagram)

OMG.BLOG!: Aaron Renfree was a tyke in the British group S Club 8 ... and now, he's all grown up, full metrosexual and flashing his bum.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Trans activist son of Kentucky Democratic state senator dies by his own hand. Just 24. His mom, pouring her heart out about trans issues:

In the wake of Henry's death, Sen. Berg says all the anti-trans rhetoric flying around took its toll.

ABC NEWS: Trump's tax returns reveal he paid $0 in income tax in 2020, and just $750 two other years. Trump was NOT being audited, as he often said, and in fact as POTUS was supposed to be audited and was not.

TWITTER: Ukraine President Zelenskyy has visited the White House, where he surprised President Biden with a medal of military merit. Biden called the honor “undeserved, but appreciated”:

them: Why Harvey Guillén thought he'd never make it in Hollywood.

EXTRATV: Sonya Eddy — who was Rebecca DeMornay on two memorable Seinfeld episodes, along with being a longtime regular on General Hospital — died this week at 55. Now, we know it was from a runaway infection following elective surgery.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Weekly wallow in pulchritude.

Shirtless-gay-underwear-male-nudity-boyculture-gayboyDing-a-ling Empire (Image via Instagram)

OSCARS: Films in 10 categories have been shortlisted for Oscar nominations.

L.A. BLADE: Republican Rep.-elect George Santos, a MAGA nut who slipped into office on Long Island, lied about so many things he is facing a wall of calls for his pre-resignation. The guy is clearly mentally ill and/or completely untrustworthy.

PINK NEWS: T-shirts made, in part, with the blood of gay men. For a good cause.

HUFF POST: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is an Independent now, so has been dumped by prominent Democratic firms, which will hamper her reelection efforts.

PRIDESOURCE: Amy Grant, recent Kennedy Center Honoree and big-time Christian lady, will host her lesbian niece's wedding.

5OkXNo one puts “Baby, Baby” in a corner! (GIF via GIPHY)