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Dec 02 2022
Kanye West Dumped By Elon Musk + David Archuleta Dunked On By Anti-Gay Fans + Alex Jones Bankrupt + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Don't give him a shirt for his birthday.

BELOW: Keep reading for Kanye West and Elon Musk's spat, Madonna Sexes it up, David Archuleta left mid-concert by homophobic fans and more ...

Modus-vivendi-hot-male-model-gay-shirtless-muscles-boycultureThanos Adamopoulos — and his glamour matches his name! (Image by Joey Leo for Modus Vivendi)

MODUS VIVENDI: Time to explore the Vinyl Line, gulp.

OMG.BLOG!: Dr. Oz ran in and lost ONE political race ... and is giving up on politics.

NYT: Kanye West tweeted a swastika inside a Star of David and various other anti-Semitic comments, Elon Musk claimed he spoke with Kanye and that Kanye really took it to heart, then Kanye posted an unflattering swimsuit pic of Musk and Musk suspended him for inciting violence.

BTW, Kanye and Donald Trump — this guy has their number:

HUFF POST: Alex Jones files for bankruptcy.

TMZ: Ex-Mormon and ex-straight David Archuleta talked about his journey to accepting his queerness at a Christmas concert, leading to walk-outs and complaints. NOBODY bitches when singers mention their partners or children or other aspects of straightness, but queer is dirty. Again.

INSTAGRAM: Madonna looked slimmer and downright good (I just miss eyebrows) at her Sex exhibition in Miami last night. She is also moving much better post-surgery (she had a full hip replacement two years ago) and seems to be moving toward tour shape.