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Dec 26 2022
Manu Rios Lickable For DUST + David Archuleta In Tears Over Self-Acceptance + GLASS ONION Spoilers + Why Is Elon Musk Against Suicide Prevention? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Thank you, Shawn.

BELOW: Keep reading for some Elite meat, the GOP's inhumane approach to human trafficking, why our veep rocks, David Archuleta in tears and more ...

Manu-rios-bruce-labruce-dust-shirtless-nipple-gay-boycultureWhere the Elite meet to eat — and he ate here! (Image by Bruce LaBruce for Dust)

DUST: Manu Rios looks lickable on his Dust cover — shot by Bruce LaBruce!

YOUTUBE: David Archuleta speaks through tears as he talks about his sexual orientation, his faith crisis and why he's still performing Christmas songs — he still sounds so torn up about being gay, it's heartbreaking:

WTOP: In highly related news — is Florida's Don't Say Gay approach blatantly unconstitutional?

OUT: Could Wednesday Addams say gay with Enid?

ADVOCATE: A man is now wanted for assault after GOPers have ramped up “groomer” insults over queer and pro-queer legislators and others, with New York City Council member Erik Bottcher enduring incredible abuse.

WAPO: Reassessing the successes of VP Kamala Harris. Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott gleefully dumped busloads of migrants on Harris's front steps in 14-degree weather ... but can't even keep his own state powered.

HUFF POST: Elon Musk ordered the removal of suicide prevention messaging from Twitter — then ordered it replaced once people noticed, lying about the fact that it had been suspended in the first place.

SOCIALITE LIFE: A particularly ferocious Male Model Monday.

DEADLINE: Lesbian golf great Kathy Whitworth collapsed and died on Christmas Eve at 88.

OMG.BLOG!: Meet the Florida dominatrix who asked her local city council to fund her sex dungeon.

DAILY VOICE: Boston gay bar closing; may become weed dispensary.

EXTRATV: The Glass Onion on Netflix has some really surprising celebrity cameos, including featuring two stars who have since died. (Also, yep, he's gay!)

Benoit-blanc-tub-shirtless-glass-onion-knives-out-angela-lansbury-sondheim-gay-boycultureLockdown had its perks. (Image via Netflix)