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Dec 23 2022
Pube-Tastic Cover Guy + Santos Lied Again + Filthy Santa Art + UA Pilots Union Leader Exposed As Nasty Bigot + GOPers Vote Against Preventing Child Sexual Abuse + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Winter storm here, so ...

BELOW: Pube flashers, not-so-gay liars, dirty art and dirty bigots ...

Underwear-pubes-dna-boyculture-gayHe's putting his best foot, give or take, forward. (Image via DNA)

DNA: The new DNA ponders the future of underwear.

them: BetterHelp therapist reportedly counseled a gay man to stop being gay.

NYT: Rep.-elect George Santos (R-New York) also apparently lied about his home being vandalized after a MAGA party at Mar-A-Lago.

THE ATHLETIC: A month as a gay reporter in Qatar.

GAYETY: Dirty Santa art.

Wire-mag-shirtless-muscle-beefcake-underwear-boycultureStuffed stocking (Image via Wiremag)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Hot stuff for your stocking.

Neil swindells ua boycultureNYT: Another New York City landmark building — nearly 200 years old — is being unceremoniously torn down.

CBS NEWS: Newly elected leader of UA pilot union resigns over gross public comments about women, gay people, gender, Jewish people, other ethnic groups. But in spite of the comments being numerous, it's, like, alllll taken out of context 'n' stuff.

OMG.BLOG!: Drew Barrymore and Aubrey Plaza should be a couple on the next White Lotus.

JEZEBEL: Twenty-eight GOPers voted AGAINST a bill to aid in addressing child sex abuse. So the next time you're called a groomer, remember their names:

Andy Biggs — Arizona's 5th District

Dan Bishop — North Carolina's 9th District

Lauren Boebert — Colorado's 3rd District

Mo Brooks — Alabama's 5th District

Michael Cloud — Texas' 27th District

Andrew Clyde — Georgia's 9th District

James Comer — Kentucky's 1st District

Rick Crawford — Arkansas' 1st District

Byron Donalds — Florida 19th District

Virginia Foxx — North Carolina's 5th District

Louie Gohmert — Texas' 1st District

Bob Good — Virginia's 5th District

Paul Gosar — Arizona's 4th District

Marjorie Taylor Greene — Georgia's 14th District

Jody Hice — Georgia's 10th District

Clay Higgins — Louisiana's 3rd District

Ronny Jackson — Texas' 13th District

Thomas Massie — Kentucky's 4th District

Tom McClintock — California's 4th District

Barry Moore — Alabama's 2nd District

Troy Nehls — Texas' 22nd District

Ralph Norman — South Carolina's 5th District

Scott Perry — Pennsylvania 10th District

Matt Rosendale — Montana at-large

Chip Roy — Texas' 21st District

John Rutherford — Florida's 4th District

Austin Scott — Georgia's 8th District

Jeff Van Drew — New Jersey's 2nd District

YOUTUBE: Gay country artist Bryan Ruby debuts “Christmas with You”:

INSTAGRAM: Somehow, Corey Haim would have turned 51 today.