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Dec 27 2022
Lying Liar George Santos On Being Jew-Ish + Israel Goes Anti-Gay + Florida: More Don't Say Gay + Griner's Wife Recalls Hearing About 9-Year Prison Sentence + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Take aim, fire!

BELOW: Keep reading for that lying liar George Santos, the secret history of Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik, the expansion of Don't Say Gay and more ...

Garrett-clayton-shirtless-boyculture-gayGarrett Clayton gets his Céline on. (Image via video still)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Latest roundup of Insta-hunks pleases.

George-santos-gay-fraud-boyculture“How'd you do it?” he was asked. He should have replied, “Lied, lied, lied.” (Image via screen grab)

NYP: Rep-elect. George Santos, who ran as a gay, Jewish MAGA on Long Island, has now admitted he made up almost all of his bio and résumé, never graduated college, the list goes on and on. He does clarify that he is actually gay now — unfortunately for gay people. Imagine admitting you liked about so much, and that you hid embarrassing stuff like evictions for nonpayment of rent, and yet declaring you won't walk away from your position? Even grosser, I bet the next Speaker will allow him to stay just because the margins are so thin. Revolting. I'm glad he's ugly as sin, otherwise we'd Santos-liar-boyculturehave to deal with tons of gay men posting his pics and fawning over him like they did and do with ex-Rep. Aaron Schock, the gay circuit boy who voted 100% anti-gay while in office.

YOUTUBE: Here is Santos accusing HIS OPPONENT of being dishonest, even pointing his finger like a big ol' Karen. It's always projection with the GOP.

CNN: There could be legal precedent for bouncing Santos right out office. The state AG is looking into Santos' fake-ass charity, for example, so this seems like the easiest path to end him.

CHUDS OF TIKTOK: Check out this deep dive into the rise of Chaya Raichik and Seth Dillon, who are behind Libs of TikTok. Her family is prominent in the Chabad-Lubavitch (one of the largest Hasidic Jewish movements in the world) community in L.A. Interesting to me that when Tucker Carlson asked her if there were a spiritual motivation, she wouldn't bring her Jewishness into it, possible to protect her powerful family members and friends. Her other history? She was a pizzagate believer and was there on January 6. This woman is a monster.

THE GUARDIAN: One of Benjamin Netanyahu's incoming ministers in Israel has suggested doctors might be allowed to refuse treatment for gay patients.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Stranded with Steve Romo.

TRUTHOUT: A key Florida lawmaker has signaled she'd be open to EXPANDING Don't Say Gay.

PEOPLE: Cherelle Griner is opening up about how she feels now that wife Brittney Griner is home. When she first heard her wife had been given nine years in a Russian penal colony, she said:

It was almost as if somebody just punched you in the stomach and you inhaled. You never get to breathe out.

GAYETY: Rebel Wilson on coming out.

YAHOO! NEWS: GOP hands judgeship to a right-winger with zero legal experience.

INSTAGRAM: Kaelynn Harris will be working on Madonna's next tour, which ... she wasn't supposed to announce! But since she let the cat out of the bag, I've heard Madonna is doing a hits-heavy world tour in 2023, including stadiums outside the U.S.

Kaelynn-harris-madonna-boycultureBook it. Announcement early '23. (Image via Instagram)