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Dec 01 2022
Bare-Butted Football Jock + Kanye GUSHES Over Hitler To Alex Jones + SPOILER ALERT Coming To Theaters + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Treat's a snack.

BELOW: Keep reading for dream model, Kanye GUSHING over Hitler now, Spoiler Alert to bow in theaters and more ...

Giorgio-ramondetta-nude-boyculture-shower-sexy-hot-gayHe found his best angle. (Image via video still)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Get to know Giorgio Ramondetta.

Joe-burrow-butt-boycultureHe won, but so did we. (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Joe Burrow's 2019 cheek flash was one for the ages.

TWITTER: This is so fucking infuriating — musical jeeeeen-yusssss Kanye West is gushing about Hitler today to ALEX FUCKING JONES.

Gay-spoiler-alert-poster-boycultureParsons & Ben Aldrige play a couple death with end-of-life issues. (Image via Focus)

YOUTUBE: Spoiler Alert is in theaters tomorrow, December 2.

AOL: Republicans and Republican-heavy courts draw the line at student debt relief.

ABC NEWS: Took six years, but a House committee now has Trump's tax returns.

CLEVELAND.COM: Right-wing scammer Jacob Wohl, convicted of an anti-Black voter robocall, was sentenced to hundreds of hours of community service registering residents of low-income neighborhoods to vote.

THE GUARDIAN: Herschel Walker openly admits he lives in Texas (he's running to represent GEORGIA in the Senate). BTW, he's apparently registered to vote in both Texas and Georgia. I really wonder if he only voted once this year ... and where.

MSN: Some former GOP insiders are suggesting Ron DeSantis won't be the national Great White Supremacist Hope the Republicans hope he'll be, mainly because he's ... like ... weird.

POLITICO: Musk, who raged against Apple, met with Tim Cook and immediately backed down.

NYT: Mayor Eric Adams, ostensibly a Democrat, has announced cops will institutionalize mentally ill people who are on the streets of NYC — even if they're of no danger to others.

INSTAGRAM: Kurt Loder (!) is heading to Madonna's Sex exhibition, William Orbit recently chatted about Ray of Light and there's a new Encyclopedia Madonnica for sale — the '90s are back, baby!!!

Kurt-loder-madonna-sex-boyculture-yslBrunch with Madonna? (Image via Instagram)