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Dec 19 2022
German Flasher + Elon Musk: Should He Stay Or Should He Go? + Hot Jocks + Calendar Boys + Beefcake Pitch + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He's pushin' 60 and still fine.

BELOW: Keep reading for a German flasher, Elon Musk takes a poll and more ...

Paul-wollin-nude-boyculture-gayDark laddie (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Paul Wollin, a German actor, flaunts more than he realizes in the shadows.

Casper-rud boyculture But is Casper friendly? (Image via Instagram)

KENNETH IN THE (212): White mischief.

GLAAD: According to a new GLAAD study, the percentage of films with LGBTQ content dropped, as did the screen time for racial diversity. So much for how woke Hollywood is — and for ever queer breakthrough like Bros, there are other films shying away, even as we face mounting anti-queer rhetoric across social media and in the political arena.

Elon-musk-boycultureHe's also banning critics, journalists and even rival social media platforms. (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Chaos agent Elon Musk is now hosting a poll on Twitter asking if he should step down as CEO. There are rumors his Saudi overlords want this anyway, so he could use this as a public excuse — and hand it over to someone also awful. He was spotted yukking it up in Qatar with the Saudis and Jared Kushner, who we know took billions from the Saudis.

Chulo-muscles-shirtless-gay-boycultureCounting down the days! (Image via CHULO)

CHULO: Hot holiday gift ideas from CHULO!

KICKSTARTER: Don't forget to help Physique Pictorial with its latest crowd-sourcing pitch. I'm proud to work on the revived publication, doing all the interviews.

Glaad-mizer-ga-boycultureCelebrating 100 years of Bob Mizer! (Image via Kickstarter)