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Dec 20 2022
Matthew Mitcham Caught Nude + OF AN AGE Trailer + Gay MAGAt Exposed As Serial Liar + YELLOWSTONE Gay Kiss + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Interview continues its renaissance.

BELOW: Keep reading for Matthew Mitcham's can, Trump's criminal referral, movies to watch for and more ...

Matthew-mitcham-ass-butt-booty-nude-boycultureDeep end (Image via Instagram)

OMG.BLOG!: Swimming Matthew Mitcham caught nude by his husband — who shared!

Of-an-age-dancing-boyculture-gayJust dance! (Image via video still)

YOUTUBE: A trailer is here for Of an Age, a coming-of-age romance set against the world of Australian amateur ballroom dance:

NYT: George-santos-politico-boycultureGeorge Santos was one of two gay men vying for a seat in a New York district in November, a historic match-up. Somehow, the MAGA Santos won — it was a shit year for New York state Democrats, in spite of many wins. Now, only after Santos came from behind to take the seat, it has been revealed he has lied about ... everything. Truly, there must be two dozen bald-faced lies in this one article. Someone this phony would normally be forced to resign, but since he is in the GOP, maybe it is just part of the package? 

Keep in mind that Santos even easily lied in saying that he lost four employees in the Pulse shooting. That's sociopath talk.

UPDATE: Santos's rep has replied to the controversy by not refuting any of the revelations ... and offering a fake Churchill quote.

Gay-kiss-yellowstone-boycultureShe just can't quit her. (Image via video still)

PRIDE.COM: Yellowstone is kind of considered a conservative-friendly show. Cue a surprise gay kiss.

DAILY BEAST: After the January 6 Committee sent a criminal referral re Trump to the DOJ, it bears emphasizing that special prosecutor Jack Smith has a history of indicting presidents. Meanwhile, Mike Pence is still skittish about indicting Trump because it would be “divisive” — Trump, who had previously hoped to divide Pence from his head.

FACEBOOK: Twinks' bedroom preferences perfectly explained.

KENNETH IN THE (212): For your thighs only.

ABC7: Erik Bottcher is a gay elected official, so because it's 2022 aka 1922, anti-gay slurs were just scrawled outside his office.

REUTERS: Gay Indians ask their Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage.

them: Barbados decriminalizes gay sex.

HUFF POST: The government omnibus spending bill includes a carve-out for the lobster-fishing industry ... and some say it could doom the species.

YOUTUBE: Here comes Book Club 2: