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Dec 05 2022
ELITE's Manu Rios Hired + SCOTUS Ready To Let Businesses Discriminate Against LGBTQ People? + SUNSET BOULEVARD Star's New Book + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: No beard required.

BELOW: Keep reading for an Elite casting decision, Alito's KKK joke and more ...

Manu-rios-boyculture-shirtless-eliteHe's got the part, and the parts! (Image via Instagram)

ATTITUDE: Elite's Manu Rios is signed for a major motion picture.

TWITTER: Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) was asked point-blank about Trump calling for the Constitution to be terminated. He condemned it, but wouldn't say it is disqualifying:

TWITTER: This is grotesque. SCOTUS Justice Alito compared being gay to being in the KKK:

This is the case. It will have major, far-reaching ramifications, and it's so disheartening to hear some gay people parroting Alito's legally flawed, tone-deaf argument.

CBC: He fled Qatar to escape persecution for being gay — but he's looking back.

LGBTQ NATION: Gloria Estefan admits she blocked her daughter from coming out to her mom, and says she has apologized. They went to therapy over this.

GR8ERDAYS: Nancy Olson Livingston is 94 and just now getting around to her memoirs.

Nancy-olson-book-boycultureReady for its close-up! (Image via University Press of Kentucky)