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Jan 20 2023
Santos In Drag, And There's Video + In Defense Of Madonna + THAT '90S SHOW's Gay Moments + Are You LONESOME Tonight? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The reclusive Desi Arnaz Jr. was spotted on his 70th birthday.

John-hamill-muscles-bodybuilder-boycultureBonus workout tips! (Images via Young Guys!)

BELOW: Keep reading for Santos's drag reveal, why Madonna matters, Trump smacked down and more ...

TWITTER: George Santos aka Anthony Devolder has been dragged out of hiding.

Madonna-virgin-ticket-prices-gay-boycultureWho says Madonna is overpriced? (Image via Ticketron)

PRIDE SOURCE: Please check out my in-defense-of-Madonna piece that Pride Source commissioned. It's queer, it's here, it's dynamically free. If you like it, shares are appreciated.

TWITTER: Happy 93rd to Buzz Aldrin! Here, he punches a moon-landing conspiracy theorist right in the face. I'm usually against violence, but I think these loons are basically robots, so I'm not sure it counts as human violence:

HUFF POST: Trump's latest lawsuit (against Hillary Clinton) was not only tossed, it was deemed so frivolous it has generated a $1M fine. Trump has now voluntarily dismissed his capricious lawsuit against NY AG Letitia James.

Gay-90s-show-boycultureGay-friendly Wisconsin of the '90s (Image via FOX)

NEWSWEEK: That '90s Show has gay content — but is it legit?

Pink-floyd-boycultureSome of their fans don't need no education ... (Image via Facebook)

LOUDWIRE: Pink Floyd's new official social media logo has a rainbow, and so a ton of the band's aging fans think that means they've succumbed to the woke mind virus ... over looking the fact that the original, beyond-best-selling album ... has a rainbow on it.

PEOPLE: Rita Moreno, 91, is one of those gay men trapped in the body of a woman — she got turned on in a locker-room scene for 80 for Brady.

SPIN CYCLE: I have heard Tiffany Heather Samantha — trust me, she's got the pipes! Now, she makes her NYC cabaret debut with Tiffany Heather Samantha's Big Belty Broadway Show.

VARIETY: Variety's final Oscar-nom predictions.

Yoon Jeong-hee korean boyculturePoetry in motion (Image via Kino)

KOREA HERALD: Iconic South Korean actor Yoon Jeong-hie has died at 79 after battling Alzheimer's disease. She had reportedly been at the center of family conflict over her treatment as she declined. Her final film, 2010's Poetry, about a woman with dementia, was shot just before she learned she had the disease.

YOUTUBE: Gay activist and icon David Mixner on the persecution of drag:

YOUTUBE: Here comes the trailer for the gay-cowboy flick Lonesome. Looks great: