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Jan 09 2023
Diamond Of Diamond & Silk Dies UNEXPECTEDLY Comments (0)

Diamondandsilk-laughingThey were always so sure they'd have the last laugh. (GIF via GIPHY)

Diamond-and-silk-covid-died-boycultureBoth the official Diamond and Silk account and Trump himself confirmed, late Monday, the death of Diamond aka Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway. The Black MAGA commentator had, along with her sister, been banned from Fox News for spreading COVID disinformation, and unverified reports suggest she was hospitalized with COVID around Thanksgiving.

Though Silk asked for prayers, they didn't work. Did Diamond, 51, die of COVID after refusing to get vaxxed? Or was her death completely unrelated?

As recently as last week, the Diamond and Silk Twitter account sowed suspicion that Damar Hamlin's heart issue came about due to his being vaccinated.

You can't script this shit — but I'm sure they'll try to say that's exactly what happened!

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