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Jan 09 2023
Brazil's January 6 + Naked Disney Star + Jeremy Pope Told He's Too Gay To Act Straight + George Santos To Face Criminal Charges? + Harry Dubs Camilla VILLAIN + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I love when movie musclemen turn out to have been physique posers, too.

BELOW: Keep reading for a naked Disney star, Brazil's January 6 two years later, Jeremy Pope on being told he was too gay to act straight and more  ...

Dan-benson-nude-disney-onlyfans-boyculture-gayA Wizard at selfies (Image via selfie)

TWITTER: Dan Benson, the ex-Disney Channel actor who launched a raunchy OnlyFans, just went full-frontal on Twitter, and he will need the extra characters coming in February.

GR8ERDAYS: Dolly Parton wrung all the tears possible out of her Call Me Kat tribute to Leslie Jordan.

Jeremy-pope-gay-inspection-variety-boycultureHis Inspection perf would be enough for an Oscar nod in a less competitive year. (Image via Variety)

VARIETY: Jeremy Pope, who is sensational in The Inspection, tells Variety he left another film — a major studio film — because the director told him he felt Pope being gay meant he couldn't connect with the female lead. But please, tell me again that casting is ALWAYS ABOUT ACTING/WHO'S BEST FOR THE PART.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Let's face it — Rep. George Santos (R-New York) WILL face criminal charges. Book. It.

GAY TIMES: Gov. Katie Hobbs, the Democratic governor of the state of Arizona (maybe you've heard something about her election?!) used part of her very first day in office extending protections to LGBTQ+ workers.

Sander-jennings-boyculture-shirtlessAll that Jazz (Image via Facebook)

FACEBOOK: This one hurts — Sander Jennings, Jazz's big bro, is ... just an ally.

HUFF POST: Fascist fanatics aka Bolsonaro supporters overran Brazil's Congress, Supreme Court and presidential palace Sunday. Lula was not nearby and tons were arrested. Let's hope they handle their January 6 better than we in the U.S. did. (P.S. Was the attack in Brasilia planned in ... the free state of Florida?!)

Kevin whitt boycultureNo shit, him/herlock. (Image via Facebook)

LGBTQ NATION: Kevin Whitt is a prominent gay anti-trans loon who has aligned himself with the far right ... but only now is realizing that GULP the far right's Christians might, might, might be just a tad anti-gay, too.

Camilla-villain-harry-boycultureTeam Harry (Image via 60 Minutes)

YOUTUBE: Prince Harry's 60 Minutes interview was illuminating. He in no way sounds like he's acting out; rather, he sounds very well-adjusted and well-informed. And in pointing the finger at Camilla as the “villain” of the story, I hope he helps shift that attention back to her. She destroyed Diana's marriage and got away with it, got the King and became a Queen, and I don't doubt him for one second that she has traded info for better coverage in the dastardly British media.

TBH: TBH co-founder Noah Schnapp, who is recently out, thanks his patrons for their support in 2022:

THR: Kenya Barris's silver-screen debut stars Jonah Hill, Lauren London, Eddie Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Duchovny, Nia Long, Hal Linden, Sam Jay ... the list goes on. Looks funny!

INSTAGRAM: Gilligan was fit.