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Jan 22 2023
John Wesley Shipp's Birthday Suit + Diamond's Warped Memorial With Trump + Santos Admits He Did Drag + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Selling like hotcakes.

BELOW: Keep reading for John Wesley Shipp, George Platt Lynes, Miss George Santos and more ...

John-wesley-shipp-nude-boycultureFlash us anytime! (Image via video still)

INSTAGRAM: Sexy mofo John Wesley Shipp is 68 today.

TWITTER: Oopsy! Rep. George Santos (R-New York) now admits he did drag. But wasn't a drag queen. Just did drag.

TWITTER: At the anti-vaxxer, conspiracy-drenched memorial service for Diamond of Diamond & Silk infamy, Silk raved about Trump, only to have him take the stage and make clear he only knew Diamond!

HUFF POST: More docs found at Biden's home — and this batch of six appears to be the last of them. The FBI conducted a search with Biden's consent.

EXTRATV: For the first time in four years, Beyoncé performed. For an hour, she ran through hits — pointedly ignoring her queer-inspired Renaissance tunes — in queer-unfriendly Dubai. She was paid a reported $24M and clearly gave the crowd at Atlantis The Resort Dubai plenty of bang for someone's buck.

INSTAGRAM: Imagine taking images like this 70+ years ago: