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Jan 21 2023
Jonathan Majors Unveils Muscle-Drenched Bodybuilding Flick + New Kavanaugh Exposé Hits Sundance + SILVER FOXES From THE GOLDEN GIRLS Writers To Debut In Dallas + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The shorts never stood a chance.

BELOW: Keep reading for the new Jonathan Majors muscle movie, Brett Kavanaugh on the eve of going through some things and more ...

Jonathan-majors-almost-nude-magazine-dreams-muscle-shirtless-gay-boycultureBody of werk! (Image via Sundance)

VARIETY: If the header below doesn't sell Jonathan Majors's bodybuilding drama, nothing will.

Jonathan-majors-variety-boyculture-magazine-dreamsSold! (Image via screen grab)

THE GUARDIAN: Another new movie at Sundance comes as a surprise. Doug Liman has unveiled a secretly directed doc on the sexual-abuse allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, who is now a for-life SCOTUS justice. Justice promises to delve into the credible allegations made by Deborah Ramirez, as well as to expose how incompetent (intentionally?) the FBI was in so much as examining the evidence.

Kavanaugh-brettI hope he cries. (GIF via GIPHY)

And don't get me started on who paid off his debts!

Silver-foxes-boyculture-gayI can not tell a lanai — this looks great. (Image via Uptown Players)

UPTOWN PLAYERS: From movies to plays: The ubertalented Michael Urie (his work in Buyer & Cellar is among the best I've ever seen in any live production) is directing Silver Foxes for Uptown Players in Dallas. The play is a comedy about three queer seniors who rescue their pal from a (homophobic) old folks' home, assisting him with living his life! Sounds like a Golden Girls episode, and that isn't far off — the play is written by James Berg and Stan Zimmerman, who wrote for The Golden Girls (and Roseanne, Fame, Brothers, Gilmore Girls, Wanda at Large).

Silver Foxes, which I like to call The Sunshine Fuckbois,runs March 2-12 here.

TWITTER: George Santos — lied more. His old Wiki account, clearly self-written in 2011, confirms he was a drag queen, but also lies about TV roles and sets a new, high bar for misspellings.

RISK MAG: The Zakar Twins show plenty in front, and plenty behind:


GR8ERDAYS: Simple Minds making a comeback, David Crosby's greatest hits and a memoir from 93-year-old Bonnie Bartlett on her initially open marriage to 95-year-old William Daniels. (They've been married over 70 years.)

Boyculture-bonnie-bartlett-memoir-gr8erfdaysYes, she was the bigoted bitch from The Golden Girls! (Image via BearManor Media)