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Jan 25 2023
Lance Kerwin, JAMES AT 15/16 Star, Dies @ 62 Comments (0)

James at 15 gr8erdays(Image via NBC)

James at 15 and James at 16 star Lance Kerwin has died at 62.

Back in 1977 and 1978, that show was as racy as could be for kids. Why? Because it showed life as it really was for many — all the foibles of being not a kid, not yet a man, including losing his virginity for his Sweet 16 to an exchange student his own age instead of to a sex worker hired by his uncle. (That episode may well have been why the show wasn't renewed.)

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For a show that ran 21 episodes, it sure lasted in my memory.

Not to mention he killed in Salem's Lot.

Full obit here.