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Jan 01 2023
New Year's Evil + Pecs & Ass + CEO On Corporate Closet + CNN Missed The Countdown + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Good reminder of who that quitter of a pope really was.

BELOW: Keep reading for pecs and ass, a CEO reflects on the corporate closet, New Year's evil and more ...

August-wittgenstein-jadgasaison-butt-booty-nude-boycultureJust show her the cheeks. (Image via video still)

Hot-shirtless-gay-model-boycultureOMG.BLOG!: First naked butt of the year, and it's a sweet one: August Wittgenstein.

SOCIALITE LIFE: It's the lip-lick for me.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton teamed up for “Jolene.”

WSJ: Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette reports that in 1983, when beginning his career, he was told point-blank that being gay could be a drawback.

NEW YORKER: “Are You the Same Person You Used to Be?” — great New Year read.

MIDDLE EAST EYE: Meir Mazuz, an influential rabbi in Israel — which is cascading toward fascism, ironically — is speaking out, saying a gay parliamentarian “infected with disease.”

LIMA OHIO: Ohio's senate has its first out gay minority leader.

HUFF POST: CNN missed the countdown to midnight, which was its NYE special's ONLY TASK!

TMZ: Leslie Jordan has some grieving fans who hope to buy his condo.

INSTAGRAM: A pair of Hollywood's best-ever male tits.

ETSY: I was into (straight) porn as a single-digit kid, thanks to my older cousin's access to his still-older brother's stash. Until last night, I forgot about our fascination for this puzzle, a two-sided image of a naked woman known as Reversible Ursula. Something about it was so raw to me. Maybe because she is dripping wet?! Ah, childhood memories.

INSTAGRAM: Happy New Year! Happy reminder that Andy Cohen is an asshole!