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Jan 15 2023
UNCOUPLED Canceled + Takei On Coming Out + Bronx Anti-Gay Attack + Lil Nas X Deals With Wiggles Gripes + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Many heavy hitters in Hollywood are suddenly actively campaigning on behalf of Andrea Riseborough, whose gutsy performance in To Leslie received no award-season push. But some on Film Twitter question why this is happening, and which of the other frontrunners will suffer for it.

BELOW: Keep reading for the cancellation of Uncoupled, Takei on coming out, Lil Nas X deals with (checks notes) Wiggles fallout ...

Neil-patrick-harris-uncoupled-gay-netflix-boycultureHarris must be livid Netflix bailed so soon. (Image via Netflix)

THE AV CLUB: Neil Patrick Harris's Uncoupled has been canceled after one season at Netflix.

Love-island-australia-boyculture-butts-male-nudityLust Island (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: A pair of butts that might lure you into seeking out Love Island Australia (or not, but they're nice).

VARIETY: People forget Schwarzenegger made a ridiculously anti-gay move when he was governor of California. George Takei remembers, and says it was what brought him out of the closet for good:

I was silent during the AIDS crisis, which fills me with guilt, although I did write checks and checks to AIDS organizations. Why did I come out when I did? Because Schwarzenegger presented himself as a movie star who had worked and was friends with gays and lesbians, many of whom voted for him, but then vetoed that bill. I was so angry that I spoke to the press for the first time as a gay man at the age of 68.

POLITICO: I happily voted for Gov. Kathy Hochul, New York's Democratic governor (who narrowly won election after having slid into the post due to Cuomo's untidy exit), but god damn, she has really fucked up with her pick for the state's top court. Yay, Hispanic! But boo, anti-choice, anti-union. I have no idea what she's thinking.

NYDN: In the Bronx, a man punched out a woman in a deli, calling her a gay slur, then escaped. Police are on the hunt.

INSTAGRAM: Lil Nas X posed with the Wiggles, and it's causing uptight parents' minds to explode.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Margaret Cho is on the road again.

CITIZEN TIMES: I liked this passage about why anti-gay grooming narratives are especially fucked up:

We’ve been groomed as a society to focus on a false-grooming narrative, and all that does is protect actual groomers and allow an alarming number of young people to be abused. 

METRO: U.K. to ban LGBTQ conversion therapy.

TWITTER: Jane Fonda is right — you have to pursue friendship. Which is why I think I'm pretty bad at it. I'm a passive friend.

PINK NEWS: A man's ex-girlfriend who send his nudes to his boss and claimed he was gay has been charged.

INSTAGRAM: RIP Michael Levin, who I weirdly remember from soaps in spite of rarely watching them. He was 90, which is mind-blowing.