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Jan 02 2023
Hot Selfie + Navratilova Has Cancer X 2 + Mel C Drops Poland Gig Over LGBTQ Policies + Gun Control, Gender & Cheri Oteri + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Reminder from Kyiv drag queens that drag isn't deadly, but it's resilient.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot models, Ginni's GITMO text, a dangerous book and more ...

Dani-garcii4-shirtless-selfie-boycultureThe mirror has 2 hot faces. (Image via selfie)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Monday's models are fair of face.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kenneth's top posts of '22 are almost all beefy.

NEWS.COM.AU: Rough news for tennis legend and LGBTQ icon Martina Navratilova — she has been diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer and also throat cancer, both in the early stages, at the same time.

POLITICO: Trump is responsible for how badly the midterms went for the GOP, in more ways than one — his crusade against early voting really fucked them. Love to see it.

OMG.BLOG!: Mel C has dropped a state-TV Poland gig over its anti-LGBTQ policies. The Black Eyed Peas took the gig, but wore rainbow armbands. Speaking of Poland, don't miss the doc Three Minutes: A Lengthening. It examines three minutes of found footage from a small Polish town whose Jews were all exterminated. It's fascinating to watch as information is gleaned from what remains, and long-gone people are, one by one, memorialized:

NYT: A guy went into a Publix supermarket, donned body armor in the men's room and was sporting six loaded weapons. It is FUCKING CRAZY that the question is now: But Did He Break the Law?

THE HILL: Strange progress ... the U.S. is set to execute its first out trans woman.

TWITTER: This is an actual text from SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas's batshit-crazy wife Ginni to Mark Meadows after the election of 2020:

Ginni-thomas-gitmo-boycultureThomas should be forced off the Court. (Image via Twitter)

Her lawyer now says her post-election activities were “minimal and mainstream.” Does this strike anyone as mainstream? By the way, she isn't even in the final January 6 report.

Gender-queer-book-boycultureI always gravitated to books whose covers showed nipples when I was a teen. (Image via Oni Press)

L.A. TIMES: Forget about The Catcher in the RyeGender Queer is now America's most-banned book.

EXTRATV: Actor Jeremy Renner, 51, was involved in what I've heard is a truly devastating accident with a snow plow near his Nevada home. We will have to wait for him to tell us more about what happened, but it is apparently just a brutal, life-changing event.


HUFF POST: This piece, with Cheri Oteri talking about her famous parody of Barbara Walters, is an interesting glimpse into how mocking a public figure can come from a place of respect: