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Jan 25 2023
Matt Gaetz Outed: Affairing With Press Secretary? + George Santos's Failed Bid To Become Miss Gay Rio + Benedict Drags Gay-Friendlyish Francis From The Grave + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hose be like ...

BELOW: Keep reading for the outing of Gaetz, Santos the failed pageant queen and more ...

TWITTER: Reporter Rebekah Jones has outed Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida), claiming he is having an affair with staffer Joel Valdez, his press secretary. (You'll recall he supposedly adopted young Nestor, also a cute Cuban.) Jones is taking heat for outing someone, which is ridiculous. But to remind everyone of reality: (1) No, nobody is out until they say on the record they are out. It doesn't matter if you think everyone knows, or if they're carrying on in public. You're out professionally when you are officially out. But also, (2) Any public figure who is vocally anti-queer and/or who belongs to and supports an openly anti-queer organization like the GOP can be outed. It's not spite, it's NEWS REPORTING. Forget about whether it's politically good or bad for the queer movement, it is flat-out NEWS. Queerness is not some special, fragile-flower, sacrosanct fact that is more damaging than anything else imaginable.

BUSINESS INSDER: Drag queens are merciless. This one recalls how Rep. George Santos (R-New York) wanted desperately to be Miss Gay Rio in the '00s, but faced a stumbling block:

But he lost. Because when I say beauty pageant, what do you think? A skinny, tall woman with long hair. Super beautiful. And it's the same for the gay ones. The beauty pageant is for boys who dress like women. They are beautiful. The boys are beautiful. And he lost because he was fat.

HUFF POST: How lame that what passes for progress in the Catholic Church in A.D. 2023 is their pope, Francis, noting that being gay is a sin — but no crime.

TELEGRAPH: Meanwhile, his bastard predecessor, Pope Benedict, wrote a book that's coming out soon and in which he claims seminaries are riddled with gay clubs. His comments are meant to drag Francis from the safety of a tomb.

TMZ: Fans sicced the cops on Britney Spears — because she deleted her IG account for the eleven-millionth time. Not that there ISN'T an issue there, but seems weird fans can do that.

TWITTER: Best Picture nominees — but it's all Madonna: