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Jan 12 2023
Santos Took Big Cash In Ways That Were Probably Illegal-ish + Record Number Of LGBTQ In Congress + Celebrate Divas & VICTOR/VICTORIA + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If you don't know Hammy, you should.

BELOW: Santos continues to be in hot water, check out these queer events, Mixner in the mix and more ...

GiphyGOP POS George Santos (GIF via GIPHY)

WAPO: Rep. George Santos (R-New York) was paid for work by Harbor City Capital, a company accused of securities fraud. He never reported the income. Also, monies raised by Santos appear to have run afoul of campaign finance laws, in some cases quite boldly.

UPI: A record 13 members of Congress are out as LGBTQ. What a pathetically small number! (And one of 'em is a the SOB above!)

Victor-victoria-boycultureNot goin'? Doncha got no culcha?! (Image via Palm Springs Cultural Center)

EVENT BRITE: Marc Huestis held some of SF's most amazing, star-driven, pop culture-drenched events. Now, his first Palm Springs affair will be celebrating Lesley Ann Warren at a screening of Victor/Victoria. With Bruce Vilanch as the host, the gay factor is off the chart, back around and on the chart from the other side! THIS WILL SELL OUT.

Walter-mcbride-boyculture-madonna-mariah-barbra-beyonce-gayMaterial Girls! Girls! Girls! (Image via Walter McBride)

REBEL WINE BAR: If you're near Oakland Park, Florida (which is by Wilton Manors, and not terribly far from Miami), check out Walter McBride's first photography exhibition, DIVA Collection. He shot famous folks starting as a kid in 1979, and became a top event photographer, snatching some memorable photographs along the way.

YOUTUBE: Queer-rights legend David Mixner talks about the one issue that is the root of all evil: population. He is always someone we need to listen to:

YOUTUBE: Poster release for Of an Age, an amateur ballroom dancer who has an intense, 24-hour fling with a friend's older brother.

Of-an-age-gay-poster-movies-boycultureFancy footwork required (Image via Focus)