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Jan 30 2023
THE LAST OF US Highlights Gay Love Story Comments (0)

Nick-offerman-murray-bartlett-the-last-of-us-gay-ronstadt-boycultureThe will to have grace (Image via HBO)

The Last of Us, the new series focused on a post-apocalyptic world besieged by a deadly fungus, has made room for a beautiful gay love story — between characters played by Nick Offerman (who in real life is straight, but is married to Megan Mullally, which qualifies as gay) and out actor Murray Bartlett.

I thought this Twitter read was ... touching:

Their story has also given Linda Ronstadt hope for another Top 40 hit. I'll say no more.

Bartlett tells THR of the surprising detour the story takes to encompass this queer love story:

This actually came in just before White Lotus came out. I’m not a gamer, so I wasn’t familiar with the game, but I am a huge fan of Chernobyl, which was one of the best pieces of television I had ever seen. Craig wrote this extraordinary script that I absolutely loved. It seemed so unique and surprising. There are these incredibly tender and authentic human scenes in the midst of this monstrous world. I tried to do my best in the audition and responded to it and then I was able to team up with this guy.