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Jan 30 2023
Tyler Posey Urges Queer Self-Acceptance + McCarthy Cheers On Santos + RIP Wednesday Addams + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)


ABOVE: Queer people attacking Sam Smith think they're just expressing their taste, but doing so aligns with right-wing nuts who literally HATE ALL OF US. Pick your battles.

BELOW: Messages from Tyler Posey, Kevin McCarthy and more ...

Tyler-posey-queer-boycultureAre you one of his OnlyFans?! (Image via Gayety)

GAYETY: Years ago, I would never have guessed we'd now have a queer Tyler Posey looking in the camera and advising queer people to “have no shame” about themselves.

TWITTER: Speaker McCarthy literally wishes Rep. George Santos — a nonstop liar, a thief, a fraud — had more power than President Biden. Going to be a LONG two years.

POLITICO: New York Republicans do NOT wish Santos had more power than Biden.

PEOPLE: Sounds like Shania Twain nearly died of COVID.

JOE.MY.GOD.: For some reason, right-wing Florida's sheriffs want citizens to be able to be armed — with no permits.

GR8ERDAYS: Do public figures die in ... groups?! No, but it does sometimes feel like certain years are bad years for fashion designers or politicians or, you know, Mary Tyler Moore veterans. And 2023 is the year of the former child star. As Claudia Lamb of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman wrote on Twitter, “It's a tough year for Formers.” (Follow her. Great person.) This time, it's Lisa Loring who has died. The original Wednesday Addams was 64. She had a massive stroke — on Wednesday — and died Saturday. She had been in failing health for years, but to die right as your iconic character is soaring to new heights feels extra-tragic.


Lisa Loring - Original Wednesday Addams - Dies of a Stroke at 64 ... She had been on life support since Wednesday. So sad.

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