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Feb 28 2023
Brad Pitt Babylon!: His Sexiest Nude Scenes Comments (0)

Brad Pitt nudity is all we have on our minds lately after seeing his latest nude scene in the controversial movie Babylon, which can now be streamed on Paramount+. La La Land director Damien Chazelle’s “hate letter” to Hollywood split audiences and critics, but there’s one thing we can all appreciate — Brad Pitt's ass. 

Babylon documents the wild partying of Hollwood's silent film actors. We then see those actors make the transition to talkies, often unsuccessfully. Brad Pitt plays a leading man named Jack Conrad, and he joins in on the film's explosive opening scene — a massive party slash orgy complete with frontal nudity, graphic sex and piss play!

Jack Conrad saunters into this wild party like he owns the place, and soon catches the eye of a young Hollywood hopeful. The lucky lady lands the role of a lifetime — Brad Pitt's fuck piece! We get to see Brad's ass as the two have sex. Remember that Brad was nearly 60 when he filmed his nude scenes in Babylon. Incredible. 

But that's actually not all. In the sexiest Brad Pitt Babylon nude scene, he jumps into a pool in his underwear, and we can see his ass from under his thin wet boxers when he gets out! That thing is just so damn ... firm. Like — how did he do that?!

We’re celebrating Brad Pitt’s most recent nudity by checking out all of his hottest nude and shirtless scenes, snatchurally. It’s Babylon, bitches ...

Brad Pitt in Babylon

Brad Pitt in Troy

Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys

Brad Pitt in The Favor

Brad Pitt in Johnny Suede

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